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[Slide Deck] Two Month Countdown to Brexit

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16 Germany: In the event of no deal, British nationals will be given a three-month grace period to apply for a German Residence Permit. • Application would need to be submitted at the local Foreign Registration Office by June 30, 2019. • Estimated 100,000 British nationals living in Germany France: Nathalie Loiseau said France would guarantee employment, residence and welfare rights to the nearly 160,000 British citizens living in the country, if Britain guaranteed the same to French expats. • According to BBC, a draft bill "raises the possibility of other UK nationals needing visas to visit France." Netherlands: If there's no deal, British citizens who have a right of residence in the Netherlands on March 29, 2019, can also stay in the Netherlands after a no-deal Brexit. • Then a national transition scheme takes effect from March 29 to July 1, 2020. British citizens retain their rights to work, live and study in the Netherlands – also applies to family members. • After transition period, British citizens will need a new national residence permit Spain: Thus far, there is no written plan or a formal plan in place in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Ireland – EU has confirmed it will enforce a hard border in the event of no-deal outcome. UK Nationals in Other Countries

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