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CASE STUDY "We started out as a roadside assistance provider in the early '90s, but we transitioned over the years into a technology solutions company," says Jo Ann Rainwater, senior HR generalist at Asurion. That transformation is a familiar story for companies that have triumphed across the rocky waters of the internet age and subsequent digital boom. The support tech provider pegs itself as "life's operating system" and rightly so. With 17,000 employees in its offices in the United States, Brazil, Japan, Australia, China and France, Asurion has connected the globe through technology. "You've seen the commercials on TV, where the family's going on vacation and the dad says: 'Did we shut the lights off? Did we turn the air down? Did we lock the doors?' And they do it all from their phones," Rainwater says. "We are the company that is technical support for consumers trying to connect every electronic gadget in their house." Tech companies driving new and innovative solutions often source the best associates from around the world to help them reach their business needs and goals. Asurion ensures it's not limited by geography. Early Days as an Immigration Practitioner Employment-based immigration isn't taught in most human resource management degree programs. It's on-the-job learning that equips recruiters and HR managers with the skills to sponsor foreign nationals for various work visas. Rainwater herself jumped into immigration head first. In July 2015, she joined Asurion and immediately began managing the firm's corporate immigration program. How Asurion Mastered the Immigration Process from the Inside Out Employees 17,000 Worldwide 12,000 In the United States Envoy Customer Since April, 2014 Types of Visas Sponsored H-1B Person in Specialty Occupation, Green Cards, L-1 Intracompany Transfers, Global Work Permits About the Company

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