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GROWING THE BUSINESS MEANS INCREASING GLOBAL MOBILITY THE SITUATION Vivien Le, the Visa Administrator at FPT, manages the immigration process for employ- ees. Because FPT operates globally, they often recruit engineers and managers from around the globe. Vivien discusses the complexity of managing the immigration and visa process for a large corporation that operates in multiple countries. "My background is actually a high technology marketing person," Vivien says. "I have nothing related to immigration." After moving to the United States to study and then uniting with her family in the U.S., Vivien went through the immigration process herself and works at FPT. Because her background isn't in immigration, she had to learn on the job how to navigate the immi- gration process for employees to be more mobile. FPT hopes to increase its employees' global mobility in order to grow their business. "This year we are eager to increase our global mobility. However, because of the diffi- culties of the new administration," Vivien says "we are worried that requests for evidence may cause some of our cases to be denied." To help get through the process, FPT works with Envoy. Part of the reason FPT began working with Envoy is the difficulty of working with a traditional law firm. "Their response is pretty slow," she says. "Sometimes some of the attorneys get overwhelmed, but I believe that Envoy has enough lawyers backed by the technology to take care of both small or big clients." STAYING COMPLIANT IS PARAMOUNT TO tTHIS HIGH-TECH COMPANY With audits and site visits that can occur at any moment, ensuring that they stay compli- ant can be the difference between being able to operate the business and getting bogged down in bureaucratic red-tape which can affect the company's reputation and ability to serve their clients. "We take it seriously," Vivien says. She joins the compliance trainings that Envoy hosts every year and then has a meeting with her HR team to help ensure FPT remains com- pliant. With Envoy's technology, she can also be proactive about staying compliant. MAKING HR'S JOB EASIER AND MORE EFFICIENT Working with Envoy helps Vivien get her questions answered, efficiently and accurately. "It saves time," Vivien says. "And immigration is always time sensitive." Using Envoy's Communication Center, she or any of her employees can get a response from an attor- ney within 24 hours, but usually faster within a couple hours. All communication and documents are centralized within Envoy's portal making it easy to track and organize. And Envoy's Visa Tracker allows her and her employees to see the status of their cases anytime providing much-needed transparency. Envoy's plat- form has given Vivien countless hours back in her week.

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