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Because immigration is a complex and confusing process, there are often a lot of questions from employees. Through the Communication Center, Envoy helps connect the QuinStreet employees directly to the attorneys who work on their cases allowing for accurate and quicker responses. Employees can receive responses usually within 24 hours and avoid having to play telephone with HR as the go-between. "Employees come with one question, I give them the answer; they come back with two, I give them that answer; they come back with three," Christina says. "Having them work directly with the specialist in Envoy, saves us a lot of time and then I'm also able to view their questions and their answers and learn some stuff myself too." According to Christina, having the QuinStreet employees work directly with the Envoy attorneys has "been a win-win situation for me and the employees." Envoy helps give transparency back to both Christina in HR and every employee that has a pending immigration case by providing an online portal where stakeholders involved can upload documents, ask and respond to questions, and check on the progress of a case. "I live off the dashboard that's on the portal. If it wasn't for that dashboard, I would be so lost," Christina says. "It tells me what's still pending on my part, and when and how long it's been pending for. Then I'm also able to see what action items are pending on the employees' part." The transparency into the cases allows Christina to work with her employees to make sure they're providing the correct documents on time to keep their cases moving forward. Envoy's platform also helps give Christina clarity into what future items may be needed in the event of renewals or additional cases. Using a tool in Envoy's portal, "there's a section where I can see what upcoming cases need to be opened and when to start the process for green cards or extensions" Christina says. CONNECTING DIRECTLY WITH THE EMPLOYEES SAVES TIME FOR HR

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