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When Christina was assigned to work on immigration because a colleague went on leave, she had no prior experience and had to jump straight into a complex and bureaucratic process. Fortunately, she found in Envoy, the right partner. "I cannot express how great it has been to work with Kurt, Anne and the rest of the [Envoy] team," Christina says. From recommending trainings and helping Christina better understand the immigration process to helping Christina save time and get the best answers for the employees, Envoy has helped guide QuinStreet in the right direction. For example, if Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) comes knocking on the door for an audit, Christina wasn't sure where to begin before working with Envoy. "I knew we had employee files and I knew where documents were kept, but I didn't realize how much it would cost us if we weren't compliant," Christina says. After attending some training courses recommended by her Envoy team, Christina is a lot more comfortable with the possibility of an audit occurring. "Do I feel comfortable where we are now with all of that? Yes, I do," she says. "If you were to ask me this a year ago, my answer would be like, 'Huh?'" Making it easier to understand everything that relates to immigration, including compliance issues, audits, knowing which visas to apply for, etc., is just one way that Envoy makes it easier for Christina to do her job. QuinStreet also has a branch in India, so employees often move between there and the United States. "We always have cases open," Christina says. And with those cases, come questions from employees, especially questions about deadlines and documents that are due. Immigration is complex and requires both the employer and employee to play a role, and it can be a stressful. "With today's administration, everybody's looking to get their green cards processed yesterday," Christina says. "It also falls on the employee and making sure that they do their due diligence and provide their documents and answer the questions." MAKING THE COMPLEXITIES OF IMMIGRATION MORE UNDERSTANDABLE TRANSPARENCY GIVES MORE INSIGHT INTO IMMIGRATION CASES Christina Fua, Senior Manager of Employee Benefits and Compliance at QuinStreet, manages pay roll, on-boarding, benefits, and other day-to- day business needs, while also handling immigration. Christina discusses the complexity of balancing her HR roles with immigration, an area of the business she had no prior exposure to. "It was real foreign to me," Christina says. "I'm still learning."

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