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QuinStreet is a leader in performance marketing technologies and services. The organization strives to connect clients to customers by combining a deep marketing focus, unsurpassed media reach, and innovative technologies. Building a long-term large company with offices in California and India requires QuinStreet to bring together the best talent, whether that's from within the United States or abroad. BEING A LEADER IN THE FIELD REQUIRES THIS COMPANY TO TAP TALENT FROM AROUND THE GLOBE INDUSTRY Performance Marketing Technologies & Services HEADQUARTERS Foster City, CA US VISAS SPONSORED: J-1, B-1, B-1 in Lieu of H, H-1B, H-4, TN, L-1A, L-1B, Green Cards GLOBAL VISAS SPONSORED: India ENVOY CUSTOMER SINCE: September 2009 QUINSTREET'S TOP CHALLENGES • Immigration was a complex and confusing process to learn and HR had many other duties to also manage. • Foreign nationals had a lot of questions and would often direct them to HR as the go-between. • It was difficult to forecast case renewals and determine timelines, which added to the challenge of ensuring everything was received or submitted on time.

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