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Immigration is a high stakes game and transparency into the process can help provide employees with peace of mind along the way. Working with Envoy, "definitely makes the employees happier, and it provides them, I feel, with better transparency into what's happening," Aaron says. Higher Ground Education employees can access the Envoy platform where they can ask questions and get answers, fill out questionnaires, view the list of documents needed, and more. "It gives them much more hands on access to see what's going on, what stage they're in, and ask questions if they have them," Aaron says. Clearing up questions and providing a detailed step-by-step of the immigration process can help take away some of the insecurity and stress that often comes hand-in-hand with going through a bureaucratic system. "I know that my employees can get their questions answered. I know that someone's following up with them to make sure they upload everything and fill out everything correctly," he adds. PEACE OF MIND CAN MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE Aaron Bailey, Director of Compliance at Higher Ground Education, discusses the complexity of handling the immigration process for a small business that's still in start-up mode. "The part that I feel is difficult to schedule around with immigration is that everything is always the highest priority, especially for the employee," he says. "But I've found that there's a very short fuse on those questions and if you make people wait, they get nervous. They get insecure. They start to worry about their job security and the security of their legal status. It ends up being a trust issue." With fewer resources in-house than a large business, prioritizing every immigration question that rises in the moment can be unrealistic, especially with legal departments of small businesses often taking on a wide variety of tasks. And hiring an outside law firm can eat up the budget of a small business almost instantaneously. Given the complexity of the immigration process, working with a law firm can be prohibitive, making it difficult to obtain a complete sense of cost upfront, with attorney fees increasing and potentially vague estimates and even a decrease in work quality for lower fees, Aaron says.

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