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Prior to her role at IPC, Meeghan was never involved in immigration. "I had to learn the immigration process and what was required for the employer, from scratch," she says. "From my point of view, if it were not for my Envoy account rep, and Envoy, in general, it would have been a much harder transition because there's so much information to be kept up to speed on." Envoy makes it a priority to help keep Meeghan updated about what's going on with immigration through webinars, blog posts, eBooks and more. Immigration is time sensitive and can be very stressful, and the support from Envoy can help alleviate some of that stress. "From my standpoint, I've been increasingly concerned about our employees that are on visas, traveling even for work because it is an unpredictable environment," Meeghan says. "Envoy is responsive to that … I think it's managed the best it can be." Meeghan and the IPC Systems employees she works with utilize Envoy's online platform to keep up- to-date on deadlines. They can also easily upload documents, track the progress of their cases, set up appointments directly with their attorney or ask legal questions. All the steps of the immigration process centralized into one platform helps make it more efficient and easier to do their jobs. "It's very time-consuming," Meeghan says. "I will say the portal and the access that the employees have directly to chat with their designated attorneys and pose questions and obtain documentation definitely alleviates a lot of that." TAKING SOME OF THE STRESS OUT OF THE IMMIGRATION PROCESS TAKING SOME OF THE TIME-CONSUMING ASPECTS OUT OF IMMIGRATION Meeghan Salcedo, an HR business partner at IPC Systems, handles all the immigration for IPC. Meeghan discusses the complexity of handling immigration and why global mobility and the option to bring on global talent is key for IPC's bottom line. "We have a very niche skill set requirement, and filling that skill set is our top priority," Meeghan says. "It's really about filling the business need."

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