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CASE STUDY The University of San Francisco (USF) is ranked as a 2017 Tier One National University by U.S. News & World Report. This private college, located in the middle of San Francisco, offers world-class education and resources for 11,000 students from over 1,200 faculty members. USF is also well-known for diverse community. Ranked 6th in racial and economic diversity among 4-year private colleges by the Chronicle of Higher Education, USF's commitment to diversity includes highly accredited international faculty and staff. Fe' Campbell, USF's Human Resources (HR) Specialist, assists with several employee hiring and onboarding processes. Part of her job responsibilities include managing the sponsorship process for a number of visas and green cards to help the University attract top talent from around the world. But, she's far from an immigration specialist. Confusion and inefficiencies In order to provide better customer service for international employees, Campbell attended a conference hosted by SHRM about global immigration and began conducting her own research. The conference, she says, was "very informative, but of course, there is only so much you can learn in three days." Back in office, when faced with managing sponsored visas on her own, Campbell quickly realized that a reliable third party could assist with complicated compliance issues and guide her through the each unique visa and green card process. However, Campbell deemed their immigration attorney services to be less than efficient. "In the past," Campbell says, "a majority of the visa processes and communications, if not all, were conducted through email. The processes were not streamlined; consequently, communications were hard to reference due to lengthy email threads." For example, when a department wanted to sponsor a candidate in the past, several email communications would be exchanged between the department and HR, HR and the immigration attorney, and HR and the candidate. Additionally, forms and invoices were sent through email, critical University of San Francisco Replaces Chaos with Clarity into Immigration Background The University of San Francisco is a Jesuit Catholic university located in San Francisco, California, United States. The school's main campus is located on a 55-acre setting between the Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Park. Employees More than 1,200 Types of Visas Opened TN, H-1B, E-3, Green Cards Role Types Assistant Professors Adjunct Faculty Communications Managers Directors Analysts Psychologists About the Company

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