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employee information was sent through standard mail, and other important documents were obscured as attachments in different email threads. "We had to create numerous reference folders and an internal system of checks and balances in an attempt to stay organized," concludes Campbell. Direct and transparent communication Determined to find a more seamless solution to managing employment-related immigration processes, Campbell urged USF to partner with Envoy. Through its cohesive technology platform, Envoy maintains HR's immigration paperwork in one, easily accessible location. Furthermore, communication became more streamlined, providing Campbell and others in her position far more clarity into each immigration case. Specifically, Campbell wanted Envoy to enhance the communication efforts surrounding these processes (e.g. no more disjointed paper trails, lost emails, confusion over which documents were sent when and to whom, etc.). Envoy's platform, which offered complete visibility and clarity into the entire line of communication and documentation, was a breath of fresh air to Campbell. Campbell's team also appreciated the increased security that Envoy's platform provided to employees. Rather than resorting to email, Envoy protects personal information and documentation within the walls of their secure platform, which requires two-factor authentication sign-on. "Employees want to know that their information is secure," says Campbell. As an HR professional with a limited background in immigration, Campbell is confident answering immigration- related questions due to support from Envoy's experts. "Envoy has been extremely cooperative and responsive to all the questions and scenarios that I have inquired about. Now, I feel like I'm in a good place to communicate with our employees." And when she doesn't have all the answers? "Envoy is timely in providing the information I need in a detailed fashion," she says. "I can then relay that information back to employees, and they feel comfortable and appreciate the quick response." Campbell can also access Envoy's educational webinars and other resources to enhance her understanding of immigration processes. Happy employees, happy HR By streamlining processes for employees, securing personal information, and providing advice on complex issues, Envoy has helped alleviate some of HR's burden in navigating immigration processes for USF employees. Envoy excels in communicating and clarifying the complexities of immigration, which can be overwhelming for a professional who isn't necessarily an immigration expert. Now, Campbell and her team can access the information they need easily, in one location. Furthermore, they can reference cases easily, identify documentation quickly, and feel clarity in the submission and compliance process. Most importantly, their employees are happy. Campbell recalls an employee on the E-3 visa who was applying for an extension. Because of Envoy's help, "she's never had such a great experience [about the immigration process]," says Campbell of the employee. To Campbell, "I'm certainly not an expert at immigration, but having a relationship with Envoy has made me confident to handle this process." "It's a seamless process on both ends – for the employee and myself."

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