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GIVING PEACE OF MIND THROUGH TRANSPARENCY AND COMMUNICATION Ascend's goal of making sure employees are taken care of and worry-free about immi- gration issues is easier to achieve with Envoy's help. "I think our employees have a lot more peace of mind about their case," Megan says. "They know that it's being taken care of, because they can see exactly where it is." Employees can have insight into their case with Envoy's online platform where they can see exactly where in the process their case is and where they can ask questions. Furthermore, Ascend's employees can log in to Envoy's Communication Center and post questions directly to their attorney handling the case and receive an answer back in 24 hours or less. This allows HR to not always play the middle-man between the attorneys and the employees, while also giving them the right amount of oversight to view the questions being asked. "Just having direct access to the Communication Center helps them feel not so out of control of the outcome," Megan says. "It's very important to me to be able to have as many resources as possible to make sure that we're doing things well and we're doing them right." Not only does Ascend now have access to Envoy's online platform with timelines and due dates, but Envoy has helped Ascend make their immigration procedures easier and faster. "Without as many resources as a lot of the larger companies, Envoy allows us to handle more cases than I think the other law firm would have been able to," Megan says. "It's saved countless dollars in time."

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