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GIVING TIME BACK TO HR THE SITUATION Megan Stern, Officer Manager at Ascend, discusses how important finding the right talent is for her company and what role the immigration process has in attracting and keeping the highest caliber employees. "Whenever I'm on the phone with candidates, I'd say 50% to 70% of them always ask either at the very beginning or at the tail end, 'I'm not sure if you sponsor Visas or not.' Then we tell them that we do and you can almost just hear it in their voice, this sigh of relief," Megan says. "A lot of people feel stuck in their current jobs and feel like they can't grow or move because of their visa situation. It's definitely given us a leg up from a recruiting standpoint." Because Ascend looks to acquire the right-fit employees from around the globe, understanding and going through the immigration process is sometimes a part of hiring and onboarding. And similar to other companies, especially start-ups, the role of immigration specialist often is just one part of an HR or office manager's job, and it's a part that he or she may not know anything about. When Megan started out with Ascend, she wasn't originally focused on immigra- tion—she was originally an office manager and then took on many of the human resources responsibilities. "I guess immigration just sort of came up as we were interviewing candidates, and deciding what our internal policy was going to be, and how far were we willing to go to get the most qualified people here?" Megan adds, "We decided that we wanted to make sure that our employees were taken care of, and that immigration wasn't something that they would have to worry about." But Ascend first thought that taking on the role of applying for and securing visas and Green Cards for employees meant either hiring an in-house immigration lawyer or working with a law firm. "We were referred to a law firm in the city who helped us with our first few cases, mostly H-1Bs and H-1B extensions," Megan says. "I'd constantly have employees coming to me saying, 'What's going on with my case? What's the status? How much longer? What information do you need from me?' Everything was sort of a back and forth in email between one of their lawyers and our employees, and then myself and their lawyers." Ascend is a company that helps their clients be more data driven and have better transparency and higher productivity, yet their immigration system with a traditional law firm, gave them no visibility into the process and no platform where they could see what is due when. Until they came to Envoy for help.

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