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FINDING THE RIGHT PARTNER CAN MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE Envoy's case workflows and easy to use interface also helped Stephen get up to speed with the visa application process quickly. Without having to read up on every visa appli- cation, he could follow the on-screen instructions to complete the applications needed for his employees. Stephen discusses one of the more difficult Requests for Evidence (or RFE) that Praedi- cat encountered with Envoy's help. "We were in a new situation with more scrutiny on immigration cases," he says. "Our employees are super knowledgeable. They usually know more about immigration than I do. They're also more tuned into the rumor mill, which is good and bad." Stephen is concerned that sometimes there is an overload of information from the news and the internet, and it may be mostly focused on the worst case scenario. With Envoy, however, he can distill out what is important and what is not, and communicate that to his employees, helping them maintain peace of mind. "Envoy has a wealth of information and they have experience dealing with RFE's," he says. "I don't know what we would've done if we didn't have them to lean on. They really worked with us and pushed us to make the best case possible and then it was success- ful which was a such great outcome."

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