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SCALABILITY AND PREDICTABLE COSTS ALLOW FOR EASE OF MIND FOR GROWING START-UP Stephen Jones, general counsel at Praedicat, manages many aspects of Praedicat's legal needs, including immigration. He talks about the need for a start up to find the best talent from around the globe while balancing it with a business that is still growing. "We get a lot of applicants that have different levels of work authorization in the United States," he says. "Often for highly skilled candidates, especially when we're having trouble filling a role, we'll want to sponsor a visa application, usually H-1B." However, filling roles with candidates from around the globe can be especially tricky for the fast-growing company. Luckily, Praedicat found Envoy. Praedicat has applied for H-1B's and other visas every year and expect to continue this trend in the future. As a start-up, finding the right talent is so key to growth that immi- gration has become a core component to their business operations. With the number of visas Praedicat applies for each year, their immigration process needs to be as stream- lined as possible. "A system like Envoy makes that possible," he says. "In thinking about scaling up as the company grows, parts of my practice are going to be much more difficult to manage. Fortunately, I think the immigration part is going to be pretty easy with a partner like Envoy because we know how much it's going to cost and that we can get our cases processed efficiently and reliably." Knowing how much money and time immigration cases will take helps Praedicat better plan for their future business goals and allocate budget more efficiently. Envoy's agile platform will also grow and adapt to Praedicat's business, making any increase in immi- gration caseload or organizational shifts manageable. INFORMATION AND TRANSPARENCY HELP GENERAL COUNSEL BETTER UNDERSTAND THE CHANGING IMMIGRATION SYSTEM Before starting at Praedicat over two years ago, Stephen didn't have any experience with visas, USCIS or other immigration matters. "Although I'm a lawyer, I have no immigration law experience at all," he says. "I would say I learned everything I know about immigration from Envoy." Envoy's open line of communication made Stephen feel secure to ask questions and get insight into the legal process. With Envoy's Communication Center, he could quickly ask his attorneys legal questions and get answers back sometimes within the hour. "One great thing about Envoy is I felt like I could ask every stupid question and ask every stupid question multiple times and each time they would patiently explain it to me," he says. "They're very patient, and with this kind of law, it's very complicated and there's a lot on the line not just for the company but for the employee also. It's very important to get it right."

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