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To address the increase in concern employees are experiencing, thanks to uncertainty in U.S. immigration policies and rumors, Caroline relies on Envoy to help convey a sense of calm. Envoy posts critical, time- sensitive memos about the latest changes and developments in U.S. immigration. The HR team and employees all have access to these notices, which help to calm anxieties that might otherwise arise. About the Envoy platform, Caroline says, "thank goodness we have it." She posts in the Communication Center when she has questions for attorneys, and she tells her employees to post their own questions. Granting direct access to attorneys and other support through the Envoy portal helps take the pressure off Caroline, especially since she doesn't always have the legal expertise to provide the best answer without doing research on her own. With the Communication Center, she's able to let employees take care of that on their own. And, she has complete visibility into those questions and answers. "We can always see what's going on if we want to check in," Caroline says about her employees' posts in the Communication Center. Caroline also relies on her Envoy account representative to help get her non-legal questions about cases and processing answered quickly. She tells us that she tends to hear back from her rep within a day, which saves her time and helps ease the stress of a pressing issue that might otherwise hold up a case. Right now, Caroline say she's managing about 10 cases. And employees are able to upload critical case documentation on their own through the Envoy portal. This feature gives Caroline a lot of flexibility and saves her time, since, if she didn't have this ability, she says, "'Guess who would be doing it?'" ALERTS CALM EMPLOYEE ANXIETIES DIRECT COMMUNICATION TAKES THE PRESSURE OFF SUPPORT FOR CASE-WORK SAVES TIME EMPLOYEE UPLOADS OFFER FLEXIBILITY Caroline Ngo works in the human resources department at Irisys, and she also serves as administrative support for the executives of the company. Though she's been at the company for three years, it's only in the last year that she's started to manage the immigration program. In her multifaceted position, Caroline wears many hats and has many responsibilities. And because she took on immigration duties without prior experience, she has learned a lot about immigration, which she was required to pick up on quickly and through experience. Employee anxiety – for Caroline it's a growing concern at Irisys. "We try to do our best to ease their anxiety with all the laws and immigration changes," she says, but they're up against a lot of new worries from employees who are understandably concerned. The importance of one person's immigration status matters, and they want to know what's going on amidst rumors and an environment of close immigration scrutiny.

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