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ENVOY HELPS CARS.COM NAVIGATE IMMIGRATION POTHOLES EMPLOYEES BYPASS HR WITH THEIR COMPLEX LEGAL QUESTIONS "Communication Center: If I didn't have that, my day would be in pure chaos, especially in the climate that we're in politically," admits Preston. As the political climate has recently set its sights on immigration, employee anxiety is high among the foreign nationals the company does hire. "Every time a news article comes out or somebody sends a Tweet, I'm getting questions left and right," Preston says. He and his team are more than willing to answer what they can for their employees, but they don't always have all the information. And with nearly 40 foreign nationals in the workforce, the volume of technical and legal questions requires more support than just Preston and the HR team. The Envoy Communication Center is essential. With it, HR can provide employees with direct communication with a team of immigration law practitioners. That helps the team manage the volume of questions and lets employees get the expert advice they need. Preston's team has the space to take care of other essential HR priorities as a result. The Communication Center "keeps our foreign nationals happy, attends to their needs, and gives accurate, on-time information, especially in the ever-evolving world that we're in right now," Preston says. "It's an absolute necessity for organizational efficiency here at Cars." The customer success support at Envoy helps navigate requests for evidence (RFEs), resubmit denied applications, and develop an immigration policy and proce- dures. Together with the support of Envoy, Preston and his team put together a travel policy to share with foreign nationals before those employees travel abroad, so they know what documentation they need, what their rights are and how to respond if they have an issue at the U.S. border. Thanks, in large part, to customer support from Envoy, Preston transformed a point of anxiety for foreign national employees to give them more confidence. Uploading documentation to the Envoy platform saves Preston and his team weeks to try to get a visa application processed. The efficiency and speed from gathering and submitting documentation to getting a new employee started at is something Preston has never seen anywhere else. Instead of two months, the whole process now takes an average of three weeks. And it all comes down to the efficiency of the Envoy technology: "Having both my candidate and my team be able to upload [documents] to the same place and exchange information is a huge time-saver." "If a company is really looking to expand their talent pool and going to utilize foreign nationals to make up some of the technical gaps in their workforce, I can't recommend Envoy highly enough – as a time-saver, for legal advice and as a good partner in recruiting and keeping the talent."

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