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LEADERSHIP GIVES THE GREEN LIGHT FOR GROWTH When the immigration program at was young, sponsoring foreign national employees wasn't common. The company tended to only consider sponsoring in extreme cases, where there were few (or no) other alternatives. In a highly competitive marketplace like Chicago, however, which continues to grow as a tech hub, great local talent is that much harder to secure. That's why, Preston says, a company needs to consider all the options available when it comes to recruiting and hiring. "You really need to bring in the best folks who are going to help you expand your business and continue to take your tech innovation to new levels." Competition for talent helped push the HR team to explore alternatives to a reactionary and inefficient immigration program. In the past, had a limit to the type and number of visa cases they could take on. They weren't open to the F-1 visa Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Optional Practical Training (OPT), for example – two hiring options that would open doors for them in the future. But, before Envoy, they couldn't handle the associated costs and time. It was expensive to go outside the company every time they needed to bring in foreign talent. Things have changed since Preston started working with Envoy to manage and grow the immigration program at It has opened lots of doors for the organization's immigration program and what they're able to achieve with it. With Envoy technology and expertise at his fingertips, Preston says, he can convince leadership that immigra- tion was a strategic program: "I was able to educate some of our senior leaders on why it's important to keep all options on the table, including looking at H-1B transfers and making sure we are doing green card sponsorships." CARS.COM OPENS UP LANES FOR NEW VISAS Now that the team has the support from leadership and the Envoy technology to do it efficiently, they can manage H-1B cap cases and F-1 OPT and CPT. "It's opened up the talent door that we really never had in the past," says Preston. Bringing in interns on CPT or recent graduates on OPT gets employees into early with the hope that they'll have room to grow within the organization. He continued, "Since we started looking at OPT cases, which was last summer's internship program, we've converted three people that are a part of the OPT program – or that were part of a CPT program, and converted them to OPT – and now are full-time employees on OPT here at Cars." Recently, Preston was able to get E-Verified, which is an extra verification step in authorizing an organization to sponsor an F-1 OPT employee. That extended the OPT time to up to three years. They were able to get guidance from their Envoy customer success managers when they decided to go through the E-Verification process. Pres- ton's team recently submitted H-1B visa applications for each of the three OPT employ- ees during the FY 2019 lottery. The OPT program (and being E-Verified) have proven to be a good option for hiring talented database engineers and gives the company time to apply for an H-1B visa.

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