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PERSONALIZED CASE MANAGEMENT IS EVERYTHING For instance, when working with a traditional immigration law firm, she found that weekly or monthly meetings to go over case dockets were the only real communica- tions that customers had with attorneys - they weren't seeing any updates in real time. In contrast, Envoy provides Anaplan with complete case transparency. Stefanie now has the ability to look at the status of any case at any given time, which makes the entire process more efficient and saves several hours per week. Because employees can access the Envoy portal on their own, they're able to find some comfort. The ability for employees to see their case updates as they happen puts them more at ease and eliminates a lot of anxiety. And, her team doesn't have to be the go-between for every immigration question. Envoy's transparent reporting capabilities are unparalleled and help a company like Anaplan scale its immigration services. When Stefanie and other members of the team need to pull a report, they can do so easily through Envoy platform's reporting tools. This makes the process of data analysis to business decision much quicker. Envoy's legal expertise and advice on global immigration policies have helped the immigration team at Anaplan make more informed decisions about talent management. With Envoy's help, the team can determine which immigration cases should be pursued – those that are likely to be successful – and which should be approached with caution. What especially sets Envoy apart, Stefanie said, is her timely and responsive Envoy customer success manager and attorney. Her dedicated team at Envoy is so timely and responsive, in fact, that she typically gets same-day responses to questions about both U.S. and global cases. "It feels good to be able to tell the manager, 'I'll get back to you by the end of the day.'"

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