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MOVING TALENT IS MISSION CRITICAL Enter Stefanie Enderson, Anaplan's global immigration and mobility program lead. Stefanie manages and documents the company's immigration, global mobility and relocation processes. She's tasked with helping the company navigate global immigration as Anaplan scales internationally. The sheer growth of Anaplan around the world has given Stefanie a lot to manage. And with a large engineering team located in the U.K. and another in the U.S., Stefanie needs the ability to allow employees as much mobility as possible. "A lot of our global movement is helping the people on those teams to work together," she told us, "to train other engineering groups and other offices." Her objective is mission critical – to provide the company with the ability to let team members move from office to office around the world as quickly as possible without any disruption to workflows, teams and the business. Anaplan's scalability not only applies to training current employees, but also setting up and staffing new entities abroad. Stefanie's team is charged with figuring out who is needed at specific sites, and how to grow the talent base efficiently. Today Anaplan has 18 locations around the world that support a number of teams where managers and employees need to spend time abroad for training as well as to fill new positions. Sales is another department that needs as much mobility as possible. Subject matter experts are often asked to travel to various locations and serve customers internationally for undetermined periods of time from sale to implementation for customer success. ENVOY'S TRANSPARENT PLATFORM ENABLES SCALABILITY To keep global mobility running smoothly, Stefanie uses Envoy as the platform for both American and global immigration. Envoy allows her team to keep immigration cases organized and centralized in one place so they can keep track of everything that's going on. And there's a lot going on. Prior to joining Anaplan, Stefanie had worked with her fair share of immigration vendors before working with Envoy – earlier in her career in immigration law and then at another tech company in San Francisco. With other immigration service providers, she told us, she faced some serious inefficiencies. "What I find most rewarding about the immigration field is being a part of an individual's life during such a crazy time, and to be able to do just a little bit to help them get to their end destination. That feels really good."

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