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TECHNOLOGY AS A GO-TO SOLUTION THE SITUATION Prior to partnering with Envoy, MarketAxess heavily relied on costly attorneys to advise and oversee their internal immigration program. While there was an open line of com- munication available to their counsel, Cordelia often felt as if she and her team were stuck relaying messages back and forth between the foreign national and immigration attorney. "Envoy's platform, I must say, is really efficient. It has really offered us a chance to reduce inefficiencies and I don't feel like I'm in the middle as much as I used to be," Cordelia said. Employees are able to log into their accounts directly, have a full view into their statuses, and communicate directly with their Envoy-affiliated attorneys should questions arise. In addition, Cordelia believes that providing the opportunity to communicate directly with attorneys has allowed the employees to feel more empow- ered. Cordelia Boise is the Global Head of Human Resources and is responsible for managing the full talent life-cycle of a global workforce. Her duties include talent acquisition and assimilation, immigration, employee and management development, performance management and rewards, and leadership pipeline planning. Staying on top of cases means understanding the requirements for several different visa types. MarketAxess' Customer Relationship Manager has enabled Cordelia to feel confident that deadlines will be met on time, important documents will be properly collected and, should questions arise, they will be answered in a timely manner. "If I have any questions or if I'm not sure where to find something in the system, I just reach out to my CRM and it gets handled pretty quickly," Cordelia said.

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