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JUGGLING MULTIPLE ROLES FASTER LEGAL ADVICE Today, the HR manager manages a small number of immigration cases, including H-1B visas and green cards. To handle each of her cases successfully, the HR manager turns to the Envoy portal – especially the Communication Center, The HR manager particularly enjoys the Communication Center, which connects with attorneys anytime the manager or employees have a question. The attorneys are not only able to help answer questions in language that's simple to understand, but they also respond quickly so case processing progresses smoothly. In a small organization with fewer than 200 employees, wearing multiple hats is some- thing the HR manager is used to. "There are only two of us in HR, and we have other things to pay attention to," the man- ager says. That's why it's been so helpful to rely on Envoy to step in when there is a question on a case or a complex situation. "It makes it a lot easier to hand it over to somebody else who is the expert," the manager says. ALERTS MITIGATE MISSED TASKS Though the Envoy-affiliated attorneys and Envoy's support team have been essential to helping the HR manager oversee casework, there are plenty of management tasks to do to follow a case through to submission. That's when Envoy's alerts and notifications come in handy. "Whenever I am required to do something regarding a case, I'm notified," the manager says. "Rather than me having to do all the heavy lifting." When there is a task that needs to get done, Envoy's email notifications alert her so she doesn't miss a beat. "It's going to end up saving the company a little bit more money than working directly with an immigration law attorney, number one. Number two, they're going to be with us every step of the way, unlike an immigration law attorney."

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