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The level of transparency that the Envoy platform offers is not only right in line with Technology Partners' core values, but it's also made the immigration process a collective effort, easing the burden on HR. "The fact that our employee has this visibility into their own case, it's like we're all in it," she says about the platform. "I'm not just administering the stuff and the law firm is behind the scenes. It's very transparent." The transparency and trust gained from working with Envoy aren't just felt by HR, but by employees as well. Amanda tells us a story about one employee who was getting the runaround from another firm, willing to offer him a visa he was unlikely to get. He decided to stay with Technology Partners and Envoy, even though it meant a long wait time for his green card, because they were truthful about the situation. "They're going to stay inline with regulations and give me the best chance of having my case approved," Amanda tells us he said about Envoy. Envoy not only makes the process simpler and more transparent for Amanda, but it lends a level of trust to employees in the immigration process, which is not always an easy world to navigate. Transparency, trust, direct and clear communication – they all matter in immigration. Ultimately, immigration specialists like Amanda are helping people find a way to live the life they want, and the more their technology can support them, the better. TRANSPARENCY AND TRUST MAKE A DIFFERENCE "Knowing that the employees could go directly to the Envoy Communications Center and get their questions answered, that was a big relief for me."

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