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When she started managing immigration at Technology Partners, one of the first issues Amanda noticed was the slow response time from their existing immigration partner. Slow communication was delaying internal visa processing times. She communicated with their immigration partner via email, and many documents were sent through UPS. Needless to say, the turnaround time made Amanda's job that much slower and more difficult. The website for their old immigration partner wasn't user friendly. No direct, immediate way to get in touch with attorneys with her questions or to send employees with their questions. No simplified software to help her see into the entire workforce or dive down into individual cases easily. "It was just a place to store documents," Amanda tells us about their old partner website. As HR manager, she was alone in managing immigration, and without the legal expertise she needed in many cases. Questions from employees about their case status or policy changes were difficult to keep up with, and she was often in the middle of attorney-employee communications. Amanda was seeking more support than a slow-to-respond attorney and basic online document storage so she could make the immigration program at Technology Partners more efficient. And helping foreign nationals secure visas is personal. It often involves a family that's in the U.S., and there is a lot riding on the decision about whether a person and their loved ones can stay in the country. Other law firms Amanda partnered with in the past wouldn't necessarily consider starting the process for a visa renewal until the deadline approached. By that time, the company had to pay a premium to get the application submitted on time. Anxiety levels for HR and for the employee were high because of the stakes and the lack of proper preparation. To enable a better way of helping foreign nationals get the visas they needed, and Technology Partners the talent it needed, Amanda initiated the switch to Envoy. The Envoy Communications Center plays a significant role in helping Amanda manage immigration efficiently. "Knowing that the employees could go directly to the Envoy Communications Center and get their questions answered, that was a big relief for me," she says about the transition to Envoy. Before, she was at the center of all communications, managing questions from foreign national employees and relaying answers from attorneys. Now, employees ask attorneys their questions directly through the Envoy Communications Center, taking the pressure off HR. And it's not just employees who leverage the Communication Center. Amanda uses it to find out whether they can sponsor an employee or learn about the situation for clients' employees, even if they're not being sponsored by Technology Partners. Having the support and resources she needs just a few clicks away saves her time and allows Amanda to better serve her clients. Envoy's customer support is quick to respond when Amanda needs assistance – another game-changer for the Technology Partners team. Being in the tech world herself, the fast response time and deep knowledge from Envoy meets her high expectations. "Customer service is huge for me," she says. "If you're not going to be able to respond to me within a day, it's just not really going to work out for us." SLOW AT THE START CLEAR COMMUNICATION AT THE CENTER

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