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Communication with legal experts through the Envoy portal has also given the HR team confidence that all the right documentation is in place in order to be compliant with immigration data and documentation storage laws. The portal enables employees to get the information they need and know that it's accurate. The confidence Lindsey and her team have gained through working with Envoy as their immigration partner translates to a growing pool of international talent to offer clients. Now, Strive has the capacity to hire the highest quality candidates to help their clients succeed. HR IS CONFIDENT AND COMPLIANT One of the most essential ways Envoy helps Lindsey and her team run an efficient and growing immigration program is through the Envoy Communication Center. The Center allows employees to communicate directly with immigration law experts and case specialists, not only saving HR time, but also gives constructive and specific legal advice to ease employees' anxieties. Just knowing there's an expert available to answer questions within two hours is a relief for HR and empowers employees to take part in the immigration process. EMPLOYEES' QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED Despite the reluctance of the Strive team to relive the inefficient sponsorship process, requests from clients for foreign national employees continued. Fortunately, Lindsey was introduced to Envoy. After presenting Envoy's capabilities, expertise and cost-effective processes around visa sponsorship to the Executive Leadership team, Strive Consulting partnered with Envoy. In the three years Strive Consulting and Envoy have been immigration partners, they've been able to handle immigration in a streamlined way. Their newfound ability to sponsor foreign national employees has opened doors to a wider pool of talent for both Strive and their clients. "We are now confident in our ability to help support those who require visa sponsorship," Lindsey tells us, "which, ultimately, is an added benefit for our clients."

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