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Optech's HR manager receives above-and-beyond support from his Envoy account representatives. The support he has from Envoy translates directly into education he can apply to his cases and pass on to employees. "On a couple of occasions," he recalls, "our account manager, has even reached out and said, 'Hey, I know this has been due for a while. I just want to make sure that this is still on your radar.' It's that type of partnership." A recent conference call arranged between Envoy reps and OpTech's recruiting team helped get them more familiar with what it takes to get an H-1B visa processed. It helped them understand better what questions they needed to ask when bringing in talent, he says. It's not just the account support that makes working with Envoy feel like a partnership. It's the technology. Automated email reminders help Optech's team see what items on a case still need to be completed. And when a question is posted to attorneys in the Envoy Communication Center, he sees a response within 24 hours, if not sooner. In general, the platform's ease of use saves hours of work for Optech's HR manager and his team. PERSONALIZED SUPPORT PROPS UP IMMIGRATION SIMPLE TECHNOLOGY SAVES HOURS The H-1B visa is a crucial part of OpTech's staffing strategy, especially as the company helps fill so many IT-based positions for its clients. There are a host of other visas the company processes as well – from TN visas to F-1 OPTs – and the HR team is responsible for staying compliant with every visa they process. Though immigration compliance is essential, Optech's HR team also has a slew of other HR tasks on their plates: "onboarding, transitioning into employment, and then ultimately terminations and post-employment," he tells us, all fall under his purview, as well as "...background checks, company documents... benefit administration, 401(k) administration, any type of associate relation investigation that comes up, advising business partners and peers within the organization on HR-related matters, coordinating with employment law, attorneys…" and the list goes on. The time it takes to process the nine immigration cases the team manages needs to be tight. "I can get pulled in so many different directions in a day because of so many hats that we wear," he says, which makes it necessary to keep immigration as efficient as possible.

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