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COMMUNICATION IS KEY FOR SUCCESS Michael Kramer, Director, Total Rewards, at Ipsos, discusses the complexity of handling the immigration process on top of a long list of other HR duties at a multinational company. Similar to most companies, Michael is in charge of handling a variety of business functions, including overseeing benefits, compensation, immigration, international ability, and a resource center. "My career has been focused primarily in compensation and analytics prior to joining Ipsos, immigration was a whole new ballgame," he says. "Coming into this role, I knew I would be overseeing US immigration for Ipsos. So that was an exciting new challenge for me." Getting up to speed and working with an outside attorney was time consuming, costly, and caused a lot of gaps in service, all of which left Ipsos's employees going through the immigration process with lots of questions and concerns. It wasn't long after starting at Ipsos that Michael was looking for other solutions to help solve their immigration challenges. Before working with Envoy, Michael says that Ipsos had some issues with working with an outside attorney. "I started finding that there were a lot of holes in our practices," he says. "And those holes that caused us to be hit with numerous RFE's [Request for Evidence] because we weren't supplying the appropriate amount of information up front. There was a tremendous amount of back and forth via email where I had to act as a middleman between the attorney and the employee." Oftentimes the back-and-forth emails and lack of a true workflow resulted in steps being missed or having to be redone later. Envoy's immigration platform helped Ipsos have better communication among their employees. "Employees having the ability to directly communicate with Envoy-affiliated attorneys was something I found to be incredibly important," he said. "The feedback I have received from our employees has been very positive thanks to the transparency which Envoy's platform allows." The immigration process is complicated and involves people's professional and personal lives, which can be nerve-racking. "Having offices in 89 different countries, I see employees who are from regions going through changes which they are hesitant to return to," Michael says. "Having clear and consistent messaging is really key to help alleviate some of the anxiety in the process, concerned employees now have the ability to directly communicate with the attorneys," Michael says. "I have also found that the number of RFE's we were receiving has reduced dramatically thanks to a clear workflow and ensuring we are providing all of the necessary information up front"

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