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Using multiple companies in the US to accommodate immigration from numerous countries, Jennifer was introduced to a complex immigration landscape. "We don't do as many visas at Havas, but we do much more complicated immigration work here," she says. "Most all of the visas that I have at Havas are either O-1 visas for extraordinary ability employees or L-1 visas," says Jennifer. Because the company is based in Europe, Jennifer manages a fair number of intercompany transfers. A lot of the company's talent includes photographers, videographers and other creative and unique talent. When it comes to handling O-1 visas, however, the process is complex. In order to get started with the O-1 sponsorship process, these individuals need to produce their body of work, have commendations from experts in their field and show awards and press that they have received. Compiling all this information results in a lengthy process. "We have somebody on an O visa whose application is probably six or seven inches tall," she says. Since partnering with Envoy, Jennifer appreciates the helpfulness of the assigned tasks for both the employer and employee or candidate. The process the HR team goes through to communicate with the employee or candidate is "a lot more time-consuming with other vendors." Especially since Havas works with a lot of millennials, it is very straightforward for Jennifer to simply tell them to log in and upload their documents. "Working with so many young people, I just think the technology has really made a huge difference," she says. The immigration processes for Jennifer and her team have gone smoothly since using the Envoy platform. For example, they currently have two people in the green card process. The task notifications and completions allow everyone to be on the same page with what has been done and what still needs to be done. "Having that division of labor between the employee and the employer on the Envoy platform [makes it] a lot easier to get things processed and filed more quickly," says Jennifer. The same goes for getting the information necessary to file paperwork-heavy visas that Havas relies on to sponsor talent with extraordinary abilities. Giving employees uploading capabilities saves Jennifer and her team hours of time. With the complexity of Havas' immigration tasks, accurate and fast communication is essential to Jennifer and her team. "You get answers really quickly in the Communication Center, and I think that's important because we need those answers," she says about an essential feature of the Envoy platform. Effective communication with attorneys has proved to be a great educational tool as well. Jennifer has asked questions regarding transferring O-1 visas, green card processes and other complicated immigration matters she would otherwise need a law degree to understand. Instead, she's put the questions to the legal experts through the Envoy portal and has always received an immediate response. Since she's not a legal expert, making sure that everything is done correctly is a concern for Jennifer. Simple, responsive communication not only saves her valuable time, but provides her peace of mind. A DIVISION OF LABOR COMPLEXITY CALLS FOR EFFICIENT COMMUNICATION "[Envoy] has saved my team lot of time and helped us feel more confident that we don't need to know all the answers all the time."

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