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Luana Periera, GALE's Global HR Director, leads GALE's talent acquisition, growth and development, and employee engagement and retention. She knows the complexity, but importance of recruiting talent globally. "We need to bring people back and forth between different offices because then we can transfer knowledge better," she says. "We can make sure the teams have a good relationship because they can still work most of the time virtually, but having this in-person contact, it's very important." Luana has a unique perspective on the immigration process because she herself immigrated to the United States more than a decade ago and has been through the entire immigration process on a personal level. "I'm from Brazil, so I came to the United States 10 years ago," she says. "Based on my personal experience, I pretty much have been through so many different visas, and the immigration process that I have a good understanding of it." Luana originally came to the United States on an F-1 visa to study for her MBA; after graduating, she got a job in the country and switched to an H-1B visa; and she later secured a Green Card. In short, Luana has gone through many stages of the immigration process, and understands how the system works. That personal history of going through the bureaucratic process of immigration gives Luana insight into the process. She is in the perfect position to run both the administrative processes of recruiting global talent and securing immigration papers, while managing the human resources side of making sure new hires or intra-company transfers feel secure and in control, even when going through the complicated process of immigration. By working with Envoy, Luana has been able to better focus her efforts on securing the right types of visas for GALE employees. "It's important to have the big picture, or a better understanding of all different types of visas." Luana says. "At least I have the content and I have the knowledge to have a discussion, a deep discussion with your lawyers." By letting Envoy take care of the legal side of immigration and by using the tools Envoy's platform provides, GALE has improved employee education, helping them feel more supported. Previously, GALE had a difficult time keeping track of immigration procedures and requirements. "We would get all these requests for visas, and nobody understood what kind of visa they needed," Luana says. "We didn't have tracking; we didn't have anything." Envoy takes care of the paperwork and legal end, which frees Luana up to provide orientations and better communication with GALE employees. "I think Envoy helps me a lot when I have questions," Luana says. "I request a meeting with Envoy's lawyers, and that's very helpful to educate, not just myself, but all of HR." Staying up to date on every change that happens and how it affects GALE can be hard, but Luana utilizes Envoy's expertise and content to update her own knowledge. "I know when Trump is putting pressure on changing immigration, like the H-1B visa process now, but it's almost impossible for us to follow up on every single change," she says. "I like when Envoy sends me emails with news and with webinars, because then I know, 'I will watch this webinar, and then study up more about a specific change in the law.'" A PERSONAL AND UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE ON IMMIGRATION HELPING EASE THE PRESSURE OFF HR PROVIDING KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE ALWAYS-CHANGING IMMIGRATION POLICY

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