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Kiara asks any case management questions that come up right in the Envoy Communication Center – to her Envoy support team and her Envoy-affiliated attorney. Envoy's responses are timely – with response times of under 24 hours – and help guide her through the answers to all her questions. Kiara taps into the Communication Center inside the Envoy portal not just to ask questions herself, but to keep track of questions that she has and that her workforce has. Because employees have their own access to the Communication Center, they're free to ask whatever questions they need to, whether it's about their case status or something they need to complete to get their visa processed. Kiara can see the history of the communications her employees have with attorneys, so she knows if there's an issue that needs to be on her radar. On a day-to-day basis, Kiara finds the Envoy Visa Organizer to be one of the most helpful features that enable her to get a birds-eye view or dial-down into any particular case. Having all her action items on one screen helps her know what she still needs to take care of and, she says, "I can also, just at a glance, see what stage people are in." That view has been important during H-1B cap season when three employees were entered into the lottery for 2018. With the easy-to-maneuver Visa Organizer, Kiara can keep track of what has been completed, when documentation has been received by the government, or when something is under attorney review. At Enstoa, employees have the flexibility to work remotely, which means Kiara needs to have access to her immigration program when she needs it. During these times, Envoy email notifications come in handy. Because she doesn't spend every day inside the portal, she's able to be notified in case something critical comes up, which is important in times when the task means she needs to go to the office to sign something in person due to certain government requirements. Thanks to recent changes in immigration policies and practices, Enstoa is feeling the brunt of the shifts in the form of RFEs. Kiara has certainly seen an increase this year, which can be a nerve-wracking experience. But having Envoy's technology makes it simpler and eases her mind. "From the view of either the dashboard or the Visa Organizer, I can see…this is my timeframe; this is when they need it to be submitted." The ease of knowing the when's and how's of an RFE reduce the stress of it all. QUICK ANSWERS TO CRITICAL QUESTIONS TRACKED COMMUNICATIONS ENABLE CLARITY AT-A-GLANCE VISA INFO SIMPLIFIES IMMIGRATION IMMIGRATION MANAGEMENT IS POSSIBLE OUT-OF-OFFICE ORGANIZED TIMELINES EASE STRESS OF RFES Kiara Smith is part of the HR team at Enstoa and runs the immigration program for the organization – from visa processing to global travel. Immigration is complicated, she says. "With immigration, everything is very tedious, and it needs to be a certain way." It's also very case-dependent, she notes, because every employee's situation is different. That level of complication, even for a small team, requires support from an immigration partner that is flexible and helpful. Like other organizations, Kiara has seen an increase in requests for evidence (RFEs) this year for H-1B petitions. This undoubtedly sets her and her employees a bit on edge. A partner to help her manage those and make sure everything is submitted properly and with transparency into the processing is critical.

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