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Employees find the Envoy platform easy to use. They can simply upload the information and documentation that's needed from them without requiring HR to be the liaison. The limited touches with the candidate that the automated Envoy platform provides make the process go much faster. Pam can even see how far along each case is right in the Visa Organizer tool in the Envoy platform, which helps her stay on top of cases for valuable new hires. Onboarding new hires quickly is a priority for Pam and her team. She has hiring managers who are anxious for their new employees to start work and a foreign national waiting for their visa to be issued. The speed that Pam can get a case filed helps her cut down the time between making the offer and the start date. "The minute the recruiter says, 'We need to open a case,' I start my end of the process," Pam tells us, and that process is simplified with Envoy's user-friendly technology and case preparation workflows. Pam also has complete visibility into her cases through the Envoy portal. There, she can see when a case is under attorney review and for how long, when paperwork has been submitted to USCIS, other action items that still need to be uploaded by the candidate – she can see it all on one screen. That level of visibility not only allows her peace of mind, but she can pass on clear, succinct updates to concerned hiring managers. With Envoy, Pam has the ability to pull reports to look at overall immigration spend and break it down as needed if she should be asked. "If somebody said to me, 'How much do you spend for the year?'" she says as an example, "I could go in and have a report tomorrow, and we will know where we stand." Instant access to the entire immigration spend picture is invaluable and is critical to forecasting and planning. EMPLOYEE ACCESS TO CASES SAVES TIME QUICK ONBOARDING MAKES A DIFFERENCE VISIBILITY INTO CASES IS PEACE OF MIND BIG-PICTURE REPORTS CAN INFORM BUDGETING Pam Clarke is an HR generalist, and she's been working with Endurance for over 11 years. Since that time, the company has grown from 40 employees to over 4,000. A few years ago, when Endurance acquired the well-known email marketing brand Constant Contact, Pam's role shifted to include immigration, and today she manages the immigration program for the entire U.S. organization. In the early days, Endurance worked with an outside attorney to manage immigration cases. "You had to sign here, sign here, you'd FedEx things this way, that way, around and around you went," she says about the tedious nature of traditional immigration management. "The process was just cumbersome and too long." That, and there was so much unknown, Pam points out. Sometimes she wouldn't hear from the attorney for weeks. Since working with Envoy to manage immigration for Endurance, Pam has become more passionate about immigration. "It's given me quite an appreciation for what people have to go through externally to come to this country," she says. However, Pam adds, the challenges facing foreign nationals and companies in today's political climate are making it more difficult to hire. "Everything is being scrutinized, so it takes much longer to get everything accomplished."

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