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When immigration is so ingrained in a business' practices, personalized support and attention to detail is essential. Remembering his search for immigration assistance, Datta describes Envoy as "the first choice for our immigration needs." Efficient technology with effective and accessible communication is an essential component for his business now. Knowing all too well how complicated immigration can get, Datta appreciates the expert services Envoy provides – services that allow him to continue to strategically hire. Datta has peace of mind knowing that Envoy is there to help with immigration while his brand thrives in the face of big-brand competition. Envoy understands that there are larger concerns when it comes to immigration, and sometimes it's helpful to be an open book and transparent. Whereas partners in the past treated employees as clients and sidelined the organization during the immigration process, Envoy understands that his business is taking the responsibility for securing employees' immigration status. Cost-effective processes and proper attention are much-needed for a small business like ArnAmy, and Envoy has proven to be a financial relief. PRIORITIZING IMMIGRATION HELPS WITH BUSINESS "If the skillset is not available in the local markets or in this country, then we can find those skillsets in any part of the world"

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