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ArnAmy, Inc. specializes in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) in modern information technologies. The organization provides high quality design and development services to its clients with honesty, integrity and passion. It is ArnAmy's mission to present effective and efficient customer-centric IT solutions. Datta Kadam, co-founder and CEO of ArnAmy, discusses the difficulty of being a small business but having the needs of a larger business with us. "We aim to deliver what big brands do, and being a small business, that is a challenge," he says. In order to make this happen, ArnAmy has to earn its clients in an extremely demanding and competitive high tech industry, all while acting in a cost-effective way. Quick turnaround times and effective communication with immigration attorneys are a must in order to be cost-effective and ready to work. Datta says that immigration has proven to be an important tool is this competitive landscape. ArnAmy makes it a point to secure top talent, which sometimes requires looking outside the country. "If the skillset is not available in the local markets or in this country, then we can find those skillsets in any part of the world," says Datta. ARNAMY FOUNDER USES IMMIGRATION AS KEY BUSINESS STRATEGY INDUSTRY Technology HEADQUARTERS Tallahassee, FL U.S. VISAS SPONSORED H-1B ENVOY CUSTOMER SINCE 2014

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