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Envoy's pricing plays a significant role in the way Maria manages the immigration program at Adelfia. "If an H-1B is filed and was not selected, and we re-filed that employee, we would not need to pay the professional fees again," she says. "From a cost perspective, that was really beneficial for us," she adds, especially as Adelfia has had a total of four re-files already. Maria's personal experience with immigration helped her in establishing an immigration program at Adelfia and the way she believes professional immigrants should be treated. All of Adelfia's foreign national H-1B employees already have positions in the Philippines. These employees simply want to pursue their professional goals and increase their experience working in the U.S. Being compliant is of critical importance, Maria says, and not just to the employer, but to the foreign nationals as well, "because that impacts their career just as much." NO UPCHARGE TO REFILE IMMIGRATION COMPLIANCE IS PERSONAL "Immigration – sometimes, it's a heavy topic. I'm thankful that there is guidance on how things should be done the right way"

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