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To guide Maria through her new immigration responsibilities, Envoy provided the support she needed via instant access to her Envoy account representative and access to several attorneys with a fast response time. Getting a quick response from attorneys was critical to Maria as she was managing a growing immigration program while still helping run the firm. Envoy's Communication Center helped expedite responses and organize all messages within one central portal. Envoy's online platform plays a critical role in Adelfia's immigration. For Maria, the benefits are clear: they can access their cases and communicate with attorneys through the online portal. And the ease of use of the platform stands out to her as a bonus, as she regularly manages the cases and still able to work on providing services to her clients. Because it is user friendly and accessible anywhere, Maria can upload important documents or check on the status of a case whether she is in the office or not. Staying on top of her cases also means Maria needs to stay up to date with current policy and procedural shifts in the government. To help her do that, Envoy sends alerts that she can see when she logs in – alerts that let her know when there are changes to Premium Processing, for example. Maria also uses Envoy alerts about case-related action items, so she can see the status of her cases and stay on top of any tasks she needs to take care of. TRANSITION SUCCESS VIA QUICK ATTORNEY RESPONSES CLOUD-BASED PLATFORM SIMPLIFIES ALERTS HELP STAY ON TRACK Maria Fides Balita is a CPA, originally from the Philippines. Before coming to the U.S. 18 years ago and obtaining an H-1B visa while her spouse waited for American citizenship, she had professional experience in auditing from a global accounting firm, and treasury accounting / banking from a large bank. So, when it came to adjusting to her new position at her first job in Chicago, it was not about the job, as much as it was about adjusting to the culture, the weather, and the American way of life. Maria joined Adelfia in 2012, just 3 months after it was founded, and one of her responsibilities included becoming the immigration in-charge at Adelfia, handling the petitions for workers from the Philippines and processing H-1B visas in general. The firm was small at the time – with only a few employees – which meant that most of the administrative functions were distributed evenly among the firm's partners. As a result, recruiting fell under Maria's purview, and she had to go through a bit of a learning curve as Adelfia worked to grow its immigration program.

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