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When he first took over the immigration program at GrubHub, the company was working with a traditional law firm. "The way they were conducting immigration was all very manual," he notes. "There was no platform that we could coordinate all our foreign nationals on, and it was very basic immigration work." Will knew that an influx in casework – the result of a booming company and more hiring capacity – would put those manual processes over the edge. "The law firm," he tells us, "was not capable of handling the caseload that we knew was coming." When Will started, GrubHub's Chicago office had only one foreign national employee working there, and the New York office had hired about 23. Over the course of that first year, however, Will knew that there were a high number of engineers that were slated to be hired. As a whole, the company was poised to increase the engineering department by 150 – a 50 percent increase over their current foreign national population. The team was required to sit in on every single attorney call for every single foreign national when working with the traditional law firm. "It was an old, antiquated process," Will says. The need to scale efficiently was the reason Will and his team began to search outside the traditional immigration law firm model. "We knew we had better options," he points out. GrubHub made the switch to Envoy within six months. The largest benefit of partnering with Envoy is the technology-enabled communication Will now relies on to do casework. He and his team can contact their account representative through the Envoy Communication Center with specific case-related questions and get help with new case setups. Having an accessible level of support through technology and a dedicated representative makes his job easier. What's more is that, in the Communication Center, employees contact attorneys and the Envoy support team on their own with questions and concerns about their cases. That feature enables Will and his team to let go of some of the responsibility for cases that's usually shouldered by HR. "It has taken a lot of the onus off of us," he says. With a full plate – Will supports two teams – it's a relief that he doesn't have to spend hours on immigration every day. "Immigration is kind of my side project," he says bluntly. "Without the support of the Envoy team, there's no way I could handle the load that we have for foreign nationals." THE SITUATION A TECH-ENABLED HELPING HAND "For a company that's growing as quickly as Grubhub is, the traditional law firm model just doesn't work. Grubhub has doubled in size over the course of the last 3 years, and when you're experiencing that kind of growth, you need an immigration solution that can operate effectively at scale. Envoy's model can efficiently and effectively handle our immigration needs, while also providing great service to our Foreign National community."

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