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hCentive Immigration Stays on Task with a Full Plate

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Anne Close is a senior manager for human resources at hCentive and her colleague Bintu Rawal is an HR business partner. Working in HR at a startup for ten years, Anne learned immigration on the ground level, working closely with traditional law firms. Bintu had an extensive background in immigration before starting at hCentive. Bintu remembers, in her prior years working with traditional law firms to file immigration cases, that so much of it required manual work. "I literally had to print all the papers, go through everything and try to create them or mail them," she says. Paper-based processes made up the majority of Anne's experience in immigration prior to working with hCentive as well. hCentive's HR department had already partnered with Envoy to run a more efficient immigration program before either Anne or Bintu started. For Bintu, the simplification Envoy provides was part of what attracted her to the position in the first place. Either way, when both began working with Envoy to help manage immigration at hCentive, they found their jobs became easier almost right away. As one of her favorite features, the Envoy Visa Organizer dashboard helps Bintu keep track of all her cases on one screen. She uses the technology to keep up with her timelines for each case because, she says, "immigration is all about the timelines." In the Envoy platform, she can upload documents, which simplifies her tasks. "That eliminates paperwork or physically mailing the attachment," she says. Bintu mentions she also relies on the automated reminders she receives straight to her inbox from Envoy's platform. She's notified whenever it's time to start the extension process or file an amendment for a visa that is set to expire – and always with enough time to take the necessary steps. Together, Anne and Bintu run about 10 open cases every month, and roughly 40 percent of the workforce at hCentive is made up of sponsored foreign nationals. One of the Envoy features that saves them the most time and stress is the Communication Center. It's where they can have any question answered by an attorney or an Envoy account manager within 24 hours. This fast response time comes in handy when managing lots of employees at once. Employees can send legal questions directly to their attorneys, removing HR as the go-between and saving time and miscommunication. At the same time, HR is still able to see all communication between attorneys and employees to ensure no issues arise. Anne especially appreciates the transparency the Communication Center provides. "That's where I go every morning just to see what's going on and see what questions the employees, or we, asked and what the answers are," she says. "That helps me stay up-to-date." Seeing the communications between employees and attorneys allow Anne and Bintu the option of jumping in to support an employee or simply staying aware of inquiries being sent. ORGANIZATION SAVES TIME AND ENERGY VIA THE VISA ORGANIZER REMINDERS HELP STAY ON TRACK ENVOY'S COMMUNICATION CENTER EASES THE WORKLOAD ON HR AND WHILE OFFERING MORE TRANSPARENCY "Immigration is all about timelines"

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