Need to Hire Talent? 25 International Recruiters Who Can Help

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Odds are, the best talent probably isn’t in your backyard. Even if your company is based in a major city or an industry cluster, the perfect candidate might be on the other side of the world. Therefore, you should consider expanding your search beyond your local area, and even beyond the borders of the United States. Your next great hire is within reach with the help of these 25 top international recruiters.

Paul Pleus
Founder of International Executive Recruiting, Paul Pleus has more than 15 years of experience finding and placing international executives for the sales, finance and IT worlds. He is incredibly active on Twitter in both German and English, sharing his methods as well as positions he’s looking for.

Tamar Paltrow
Tamar Paltrow has more than 25 years of experience in the language services industry and is an Italian linguist frequently sought by private and public companies. As the president of Foreign Staffing, Inc., she uses her technical fluency to bridge the gap across complex subjects. This makes her uniquely qualified to recruit internationally.

Henry Goldbeck
As president of Goldbeck Recruiting, Henry Goldbeck knows that qualifications are only half the battle when finding a good fit: Companies also need to find someone who works well within the team, or there will be added stress within the office. His company specializes in cross-border recruiting between the United States and Canada.

Ann Hindman
As the recruitment director at RCM Health Care Services, Ann Hindman works to find healthcare professionals from across the globe and place them in positions within the United States. RCM has supported the healthcare industry since 1975, making it one of the most qualified firms to use when seeking recruitment services.

Tanya Freedman
Tanya Freeman is the VP of recruiting at Connetics Communications, a firm that specializes in bringing nurses from around the world to the United States in order to combat the shortage of nursing professionals in the healthcare field. Connetics also assists in technical engineering recruitment internationally.

Lauren Vause
Cirrus Medical Staffing was named one of the Staffing Industry Analysts’ List of Fastest-Growing Staffing Firms in 2015. As a senior recruiter (with past experience at Monster and Francis Marion University), Lauren Vause works with nurses to travel on temporary assignments and to come to the United States full time. Cirrus works diligently to make the transitions as easy and comfortable as possible for both the employee and employer.

Katherine Kuczynski
Katherine Kuczynski provides recruitment support for Cowan International, a recruiting company that specializes in sending Canadians outside of the country. The company places candidates across the globe, from the United States to South Africa to Singapore. Kuczynski uses her marketing background to help candidates put their best foot forward to land the job.

Elpi Constantinou
With past staffing experience at Tokyo Electron and Intel, Elpi Constantinou has years of international recruiting under her belt. She has worked for XTech Staffing in Austin, Texas, for the past three years, and manages the day-to-day operations of the recruiting and sales teams. She works with businesses to create individualized strategies to find top talent.

Roland Pavamani
Roland Pavamani is the man behind Roljobs Technology Services Pvt Ltd, a top social media recruiting agency since 2002. Pavamani is incredibly active on Twitter, and his company also shares jobs regularly on Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Instagram. As a social media recruitment agency, Roljobs Technology Services proves it knows its stuff, which helps the company attract qualified candidates.

Swapna Kurup
Swapna Kurup, who specializes in the IT and electrical verticals, works for Antal International. This makes her skillful in sourcing for niche requirements. This ensures companies receive candidates who are ready to start on day one within minimal training.

Karen Cerulli
Karen Cerulli is an international recruiter for Kforce, Inc. based in Tampa, Florida. She recruits global IT talent for full-time employment. Her background is in legal staffing, giving her a broad understanding of both the technical and legal process of recruiting and placing candidates.

Bianca McWilliams Jackson
Bianca McWilliams Jackson is the COO at Recruiting Source International, a Texas-based international recruiting firm founded in 2003. The company’s motto is specializing in “Right Fit Placements,” and the team works confidently with the energy, finance, IT medical and military sectors. They stand out above the rest with their personal dedication to their clients.

Shanil Kaderali
Shanil Kaderali is vice president of talent acquisition at Pierpoint Recruiting, which specializes in technology recruitment for Silicon Valley companies. At Pierpoint, the international recruiters’ focus is staffing based on culture, which reduces turnover and onboarding costs to its clients.

Harold Harting
Harold Harting is the senior executive recruiter at ASAP Staffing Services. ASAP boasts more than 200 international clients, and places more than 3,800 employees per year. This makes it one of the largest and more reputable staffing firms for the United States, Canada and Latin America.

Gracie Gutierrez
Gracie Gutierrez is a recruiting consultant for The Global Edge, a company that specializes in job placement for the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, engineering, power and nuclear industries. Energy is a global industry on its own that requires specific knowledge and niche skills, which is why it’s beneficial to work with an agency that specializes in that field.

Mary Ann Lee
As an executive recruiting consultant for Qualigence International, Mary Ann Lee combines the power of personal staffing experience with market research when assessing her candidates. Qualigence uses recruitment research and competitive intelligence to make educated decisions about its candidates, increasing its clients’ chances of hiring success.

Rebecca Bailey
Rebecca Bailey is vice president of recruiting operations at Recruiting Technology International, Inc. Since 2000, its team has worked on both the east and west coast to find and place highly skilled technology gurus and engineers from around the world. Regardless of project size, RTI will treat your company like their top priority.

Kim Garrison
With more than 25 years of recruiting experience, Kim Garrison knows what to look for in a candidate, especially for the banking and oil and gas industries. She currently puts her skills to use at International Search Consultants, a company founded in 1999 in Austin, Texas. She is one of 15 experienced recruiters at the company and strives to find good fits for all parties involved.

Cody Voellinger
RockIT Recruiting is one of the more unique international recruiting firms out there, with “Chief Astronaut” Cody Voellinger as the lead for international headhunting. The company’s personality matches the rest of the startup world, which makes its team the perfect fit to find young, hungry talent that will excel in Silicon Valley.

Stuart Chase
Stuart Chase has worked all over Africa and currently offers his services for the Manhattan Group in Cape Town, South Africa. He is among the top international recruiters specializing in the hotel industry and finds employees for companies around the world. Follow him on Twitter for the latest job postings.

Stephen Strittmatter
Stephen Strittmatter has more than 29 years of industry and consulting experience for staffing and recruiting, marking him as one of the world’s best international recruiters. He currently works for AIMS International, which provides staffing across the globe for the automotive, IT, telecom and life sciences industries. He regularly shares job openings as well as career advice on his social channels.

Stephanie Butler
Venturi provides staffing for IT roles in the United Kingdom, Germany and New York. Stephanie Butler, head of data science and IT resourcing, specializes in filling junior roles with highly specific skillsets. Venturi is a company to watch, too, as it’s at the top as far as international recruiters go, and was named in the Recruiter HOT 100.

Frank Elzinga
Frank Elzinga has more than 15 years of international recruiting experience and specializes in the hospitality industry. While there are many cultural differences to overcome with international placements, good hospitality remains constant. He currently works for HRC International, a training and career development company for hotel professionals.

Charlie Lever
Charlie Level is an infrastructure and construction recruiter for Morson, a company of international recruiters that works with European, the United Kingdom and North American companies. Morson has a focus on engineering, and also offers training and competency assessment.

Stephanie Loewenstern
Currently with Oxford International, Stephanie Loewenstern specializes in vetting candidates who specialize in the internet of things, big data analytics and data science fields. These are rapidly growing fields that requires a specialized knowledge base, and there aren’t many international recruiters who have her level of experience.

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