H-1B Visa Timeline

Ian Helms

To maximize the potential for an H-1B visa being accepted into the annual cap-subject H-1B visa lottery, it's important to stick to a timeline and have all documents prepared prior to its opening.

We compiled a general H-1B visa timeline to serve as your guide when completing each of the steps required to open and file a cap-subject H-1B visa case.

It's important to note that certain steps can take longer than others to complete including those subject to government approval, so it's impossible to provide exact timing for how long it takes to put together a cap-subject H-1B visa petition.

Tip: If you plan to submit H-1B visa applications for April's cap-subject H-1B visa lottery, be mindful of timing. If your LCA is certified too soon, it may expire prior to USCIS receiving your H-1B application; if you submit it after March 15, the Department of Labor may not certify it by March 31.

In addition, while you should be prepared early, any H-1B applications filed before the USCIS begins accepting cap-subject H-1B visa petitions will be automatically rejected.

Print this H-1B visa timeline for your reference and visit our complete H-1B Visa Lottery Resource Center to learn more about the complicated H-1B visa process.

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