[Slide Deck] Global Talent Perspectives 2016 Webinar

September 21, 2017

Foreign workers have a unique set of drivers and goals. To lay the strategic groundwork for employers to land top international talent, Envoy surveyed more than 700 visa and green card holders across multiple industries and company sizes. The results reveal what expats value most when seeking employment and planning for their future in the United States.

In the Global Talent Perspectives 2016 webinar, we dive into the most compelling survey results, answer the following questions and more.

  • Do expats plan on staying at their companies long term?
  • What are expats’ top motivators for working in the United States?
  • What’s the top referral source when seeking a U.S.-based position?
  • At what rate are recruiters trying to steal STEM talent from their current companies?
  • What do expats consider the biggest drawback of working in the United States? 
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