Russia: Many Dependents of Foreign Nationals to Lose Dependent Status Eligibility

March 17, 2021

Key Points

  • Most dependents of foreign nationals seeking employment in Russia are no longer eligible to obtain Dependent status
  • Only Highly Qualified Specialist Permit holders may sponsor dependents for Dependent status
  • Dependents are now required to obtain a Guest Visa and are limited to a 90-day stay in a 180-day period
  • Foreign national dependents currently in Russia under Dependent status will not be allowed to renew their status after its expiration


Effective immediately, dependents of foreign nationals seeking work in Russia are no longer permitted to obtain Dependent status. Only dependents of those holding a Highly Qualified Specialist (HQS) Permit may be eligible for Dependent status. Anyone who currently holds Dependent status and is not sponsored by an HQS Permit holder will not be permitted to renew their Dependent status after its expiration.

What Are the Changes?

To be in the country, dependents of foreign nationals in Russia are now required to apply for a Guest Visa, which allows them to stay in the country for 90 days in a 180-day period. Guest Visas do not permit multiple-entry and cannot be extended or transferred to a different kind of visa.

Looking Ahead

Speculation of this change in visa regulations indicates that the Russian government might be looking to encourage foreign nationals to apply for the Highly Qualified Specialist Permit over other types of visas going forward. Employers should be aware of this trend when hiring foreign nationals as the HQS Permit has a salary requirement that is meant to greater cover employees and their dependents while working in Russia.

Content in this publication is not intended as legal advice, nor should it be relied on as such. For additional information on the issues discussed, consult an Envoy-affiliated attorney or another qualified professional.

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