Immigration Changes in the U.K., Canada and Australia

July 21, 2017 Chelsea Iversen

Global compliance is becoming increasingly tough. Immigration changes and nationalist policies are cropping up around the world, immigration laws are becoming more strict in many cases and increasing attention is being paid to the enforcement of these laws.

The last thing your organization needs is to be caught non-compliant and be at risk of severe consequences. Criminal action against the offending employee is a real possibility, as are crippling fines and other restrictions for the companies who employ them.

Recent immigration changes in top countries for business travel could mean big changes in compliance

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Our recent webinar, Going Global: U.K., Canada and Australia Immigration Changes, covers recent policy updates in some of the most popular international work travel destinations. The focus of the webinar is not only the policy changes themselves, but also on the implications they have for businesses.

Immigration changes in the U.K.

In the U.K., businesses are focused not only on existing immigration changes but the impact of the recent Brexit decision. Things like “settled status” – what it means and why it matters – have become important to EU nationals in recently proposed changes by the U.K. government. Plus, a few new immigration changes (and charges) may impact businesses with employees in the U.K.

Changes in Canada

In Canada, there are a few new immigration changes that are designed to actually bring foreign talent into the country to benefit Canadian businesses and facilitate growth in specific regions of the country. And, businesses should be aware of how existing NAFTA and other business visa requirements are adjudicated and enforced.

Australia’s recent shifts

Finally, Australia’s complex immigration system is in a state of flux that’s impacting businesses inside the country and around the world. With a goal of protecting and strengthening the Australian workforce, immigration policies on the whole are becoming more strict and work visas more highly scrutinized.

Tune into our on-demand Going Global webinar for details on recent immigration changes in the U.K., Canada and Australia.

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