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Work Smarter to Survive the H-1B Visa Petition Process

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about immigration and the H-1B visa petition process?

You probably take a deep breath, consider all the pressing matters at the office and prioritize other work. I don’t blame you.

HR and recruiting leaders are stretched thin. There aren’t enough hours in the day to spend on strategic talent initiatives while also thinking about sponsoring foreign nationals in 2018.While it seems like the H-1B visa process is a task that can be put off for another day, it’s time to prioritize your global talent program. Literally, right now.

If you have open requisitions but haven’t yet identified potential new hires, that’s already a red flag. We’re in a talent-driven economy, which means you need to find the person you want to hire before you can even think about sponsoring them. Attracting talent and sourcing candidates from local markets can be just as daunting as the visa petition process itself.

It’s time to chat with your recruiting team and ask crucial questions. Did you forecast your hiring plans correctly? Are you sourcing from the most appropriate talent pool? Take a proactive approach and huddle with your colleagues to ensure that your global hiring process has the full attention of everyone on your HR team.

While wrapping up your open requisitions, it’s time to get ready for the H-1B visa petition process. Only 85,000 – or 43 percent – of the 199,000 cap-subject petitions submitted were accepted into the H-1B visa lottery in 2017.

This doesn’t include the thousands of talented foreign nationals whose H-1B petitions weren’t prepared in time, thus losing them the chance to work for an American company because HR departments and legal teams weren’t on the ball. Who wants that kind of blame?

The best way to approach the cap-subject H-1B visa petition process is to get started early and invest in a partner who has your back. Immigration is a complicated process, but having a team of specialists behind you with the right tools and technology will ensure that the job is done correctly. Also, it takes some of the work off your plate.

With all the complexities of the H-1B visa petition process, it’s easy to forget that attracting and retaining global talent gives your company a competitive advantage. That’s why it’s time to work smarter, not harder, and get ahead of the curve.

Download the H-1B Visa Cap Survival Guide from Envoy will help you commit to a less hectic and more strategic approach to the H-1B visa lottery season.

Good luck!
Laurie Ruettimann

Laurie Ruettimann is a former human resources leader turned influential speaker, writer and strategist. She owns a human resources consultancy firm that offers a wide array of services to HR leaders and executives.

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