Immigration Horror Stories: HR Managers Tell All

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

This past week, we’ve been bringing you true immigration horror stories of immigration management gone wrong – from HR managers who have seen some of the worst mistakes in the industry. In honor of Halloween, here’s a little summary of some of these horror stories, plus a few solutions that may help you avoid the same fate:

Paperwork problem

Joanne worked with an attorney who forgot to file a foreign national’s paperwork. The consequence? The employee had to be relocated back to India for an entire year while the situation was sorted. This incident uprooted the employee’s entire family – his kids had never lived anywhere but the U.S. before and suddenly had to temporarily make a life in India.

H-1B Cap mishap

Amy’s HR nightmare came true when she one day realized her company forgot to submit an H-1B case for an employee before the lottery closed. As a result, the employee missed the H-1B cap, lost his work authorization and had to enroll in graduate school in order to stay in the U.S. Amy’s company covered some of the costs, but wasn’t able to help with everything. In the end, it was an expensive, embarrassing oversight that made an employee feel unvalued and neglected.

Contact conundrum

Julia started work at a new organization as senior HR partner, and quickly learned that immigration processes were a mess. In one instance, the lack of an after-hours emergency contact line for immigration issues caused huge problems. A Canadian employee was stuck at the border of the United States for over five hours waiting for a representative from the company to get in touch.

How to avoid immigration horror stories of your own

Technology like Envoy can help you avoid each of these immigration-related uh-ohs an more. An online dashboard can help you see everything and even set up notifications and alerts, so no person ever falls through the cracks. With a dashboard, you can manage multiple timelines and always be in the know of what’s coming up, so nothing falls off your radar. You’re able to keep documents, communication, and critical information related to all cases – present and historical – in one place. That eases the burden (and keeps everything running) when there is turnover in HR.

And, Envoy provides you with a dedicated attorney. That attorney is a lifesaver when it comes to dealing with immigration. There’s no need to worry any more that your cases aren’t being handled with utmost knowledge of immigration law and all the attention they deserve.

To read more horror stories, and what HR managers can do to avoid the same fate, check out our complete ebook of Immigration Horror Stories.