Until Next Time, SHRM

June 26, 2016 Patty Johnson-Vazquez

Every day of SHRM 2016, Envoy CMO Jamie Gilpin will blog her thoughts from the conference. Here’s the latest update. 

Another SHRM (my ninth!) in the books. Although I spent most of my time in the exhibit hall and catching up with friends in the press and blogger room, I did get to have a few conversations with attendees, getting feedback from sessions and their sentiment around the state of HR and where we are headed. It was refreshing to have conversations around actionable change, and what we can and must do better to make businesses succeed with productive and happy employees.

Although I really wanted to see Steve Browne’s HR on Purpose and Craig Fisher’s Inbound HR, I had to catch my flight back. (Although I rushed out only to sit at the airport for six hours with delays. I’m not complaining, though — some of my colleagues ended up with two cancelled flights and a road trip from DC to Chicago!)

I did get some notes from our HR business partner Kelly on Live Happy at Work. I would like to end my recap with her session notes. After all, isn’t this what leadership and the HR function are ultimately responsible for? When you boil it all down — benefits, trust in the workplace, managing generations, compensation — it’s really about how we gain happiness and fulfillment at this place where we spend the majority of our lives.

Live Happy at Work with Deborah Heisz

Happy matters. Happier people make a positive impact on your bottom line. Happier corporate cultures enjoy significantly lower turnover and better financial performance than industry peers. Employees and teams are willing to take risks. Mistakes and missteps are treated as valuable learning experiences, and conflicts are resolved better and faster. Happy employees understand how their actions impact an organization’s success and give customers a great experience. Employees and customers have increased brand loyalty due to positive interactions. This leads to more recognition for the company, its products, and its services.

Employees who are given tools to shape their own happiness develop deeper trust in the places that they work. They will in turn stay longer, refer quality candidates and spread the word to potential hires. Employees and leaders in happier workplaces engage in more meaningful and efficient two-way communication, leading to better adaptability, lower resistance to change and faster speed to market.

Happy employees have a direct impact on your company’s success, so this should be our No. 1 investment. Envoy’s CEO says the key to success is to hire great people, give them the tools they need and empower them. If people truly are our No. 1 investment, then the methods we deploy to find, hire and retain them are paramount to everything else. Human Resources has a huge responsibility in delivering this critical function. Looking forward to seeing even more success and evolution in this critical industry and celebrating in New Orleans in 2017.

Thanks SHRM and be happy!

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