The Year in Review: Top 10 Immigration Technology Upgrades

December 23, 2015 Envoy Contributor

Every day our team strives to ensure the user experience is the best not only in immigration but on par with the best platforms they use in their daily lives. We accomplish these goals by constantly listening to our customers’ feedback while having strong convictions toward quality design and technology.

As with any growing product, our immigration management platform is an ever-evolving entity that changes with the needs of the industry and our loyal customer base. 2015 was a strong year for the company. Honoring Envoy’s culture of transparency, I invite you to take a look at the top advancements of our immigration management platform.

1. Redesigned immigration management platform
We’ve overhauled the platform by streamlining the navigation menus and implementing a centralized Dashboard that features an at-a-glance view of case statuses. Additionally, we’ve highlighted action items to clearly define what steps each user needs to complete next.

2. We are in the cloud
This was a massive achievement for us to enable faster scale to keep up with our growth and to ensure maximum uptime with the least amount of interruption to our customers. We have strong redundancy and recovery procedures in place to handle most situations.

3. Robust reporting features
We launched a major initiative to enhance our reporting infrastructure and provide our customers on-demand, real-time access to billing reports, case status reports and account-level statements. We are also working on an exciting budget-driving projections calculator and reporting tool for the new year.

4. Streamlined Communication Center
The Communication Center is now organized by thread to help users easily manage and search for case-specific messages. Each message can be tagged with a specific employee account or case, allowing users to search the tags using enhanced filter options.

5. Archived documentation
Select corporate-level documents such as financial statements, signature cards, company letterheads, marketing materials and Blanket L approvals — and foreign nationals’ documents, including passports, visa stamps, diplomas and more — can now be carried over to subsequent applications for easy filing.

6. Simplified user accounts
Each individual user can access the web application with his or her own login information, which allows customers to have a more personalized experience.

7. Billing Center and invoice revamp
We have made the Billing Center more intuitive and reformatted the invoice retrieval process so our customers can quickly access receipts and other billing-related information they need in real time.

8. Uncomplicated case tracking
Search fields now autocomplete employee names, allowing you to easily find cases and specific foreign national employees. Additionally, previously established priority dates may now be tracked on existing cases.

9. Advanced record customization 
Customers may generate a visa status report, displaying case statuses, case ages and expiration dates. The new spend report graph visualizes how much a customer has spent within a given period.

10. Increased user capabilities
Customers may now create accounts, manage their billing and complete other action items without assistance from a Envoy team member assistance, if desired.

We have lots planned for 2016, including an expansion of our consumer immigration offerings along with a more tailored platform based on immigration experience level.

If you’d like to learn more about Envoy, contact us here.

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