The Philippines: Accreditation for Third-Party Providers 

June 30, 2022 Jessie Butchley

Key Points   

  • Third-country providers are now required to apply for accreditation in order to apply for an alien employment permit on behalf of an employee   


The government of the Philippines announced changes for third-party providers who apply for alien employment permits (AEP) that will go into effect on 18 July 2022. Third-country providers who have been appointed by an organization to submit an AEP application on behalf of an employee will need to submit an accreditation application. To apply, applicants will need to submit the following:  

  • A photocopy of the company ID;  
  • A photocopy of one government-issued ID; and   
  • Contact information.   

What are the Changes?  

The government of the Philippines will require third-party providers to apply for accreditation before 18 July 2022. Certificates of Accreditation will generally be issued within five working days and after an orientation.   

Looking Ahead   

Continue to check the government of the Philippines’ website and Envoy’s website for the latest updates and information.   

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