The Next Generation of Online Immigration Management is Here

October 4, 2016 Patty Johnson-Vazquez

We’re proud to announce the next generation of online immigration management. Welcome to the only all-in-one global workforce management solution, also known as Envoy 3.0.


“Countless studies have shown that global mobility is emerging as a key retention tool for highly skilled talent, and the ability of organizations to seamlessly access, deploy and manage that talent will become increasingly critical to their success. Envoy 3.0 marks a significant milestone for us, not only to continue to positively transform the tedious and arduous immigration process, but to ultimately provide an end-to-end global workforce management solution for employers,” said Dick Burke, president and chief executive officer of Envoy.

“Envoy 3.0 is the result of extensive user experience feedback and research, which is indicative of the company’s commitment to building a performance-driven culture that’s dedicated to continuous improvement,” said Mahi Inampudi, vice president of product and technology at Envoy.

Envoy 3.0 is designed to solve four major HR problems, including:

1. Missed Deadlines, Expirations and Due Dates

Problem: Immigration is just one of the many hats that HR professionals wear. Given the countless plates they juggle, while still using archaic tools like email and Excel docs, there is constant anxiety that a deadline will be missed, an application will have an error and an employee will be forced to leave the country.

Solution: A centralized dashboard with organizational tools offers easy management of budgets, compliance, employee status and expiration dates, providing enhanced employer peace of mind. These tools provide status updates on any immigration case, no matter if it was opened with Envoy or not. Fully customizable action items can be assigned to any employee, as well as system-generated action items for both HR and the employee.

Learn more: Envoy Engineering Manager Deji Jimoh Shares Why He Loves the Personalization of the Visa Organizer.

2. Poor Employee Experience

Problem: Imagine you’re leaving your home country, packing up your family, belongings and your life to move around the world and work for a new company — an enormous amount of stress compounded by immigration challenges.

Solution: Communication & Collaboration features foster transparency throughout the process to reduce this anxiety. The features empower employees by giving them control of their application workflow, access to the status of their application and direct answers to their questions from a designated team of experienced and knowledgeable Envoy-affiliated attorneys via a real-time, secure online Communication Center.

Learn more: Envoy Senior Product Designer Stephanie Finken Shares What’s New About the Communication Center.

3. Communication Black Hole and Acting as a Middle Man

Problem: The immigration process is reliant on collaboration between employees, HR and attorneys. HR has to dig through emails and remember conference call conversations to keep it all straight and serve as a middle man between their employee and attorneys.

Solution: Simple collaboration and communication occurs between HR, employee and attorneys in the Communication Center, which keeps communication in one central hub. It allows just-in-time legal answers to employee and HR questions, while keeping a log for easily searchable historical reference. Plus, HR saves time by eliminating their role as middle man between their employee and attorneys — so they can get back to doing what they do best.

Learn more: Inside Our Global Workforce Management Solution: Exploring the Communication Center.

4. An Inefficient Process

Problem: The immigration process is stressful, confusing, time-consuming and inefficient. Oftentimes, HR doesn’t know what to do, or exactly what’s needed at every step throughout the process.

Solution: A smart, adaptive questionnaire auto-populates to reduce repetition and is instinctive based on case preparation for an efficient visa and work permit application process. It serves as a guided tour for uploading the appropriate documents required for every case — both inbound and outbound work visas and permits.

Learn more: Envoy Engineering Manager Chris Brown Shares Why He Loves the Intuitive Nature of the New Case Workflows.

Read the entire press release: Envoy Introduces Next Generation of Immigration Technology.

Check out the full product brochure.


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