Sourcing Expats: Insights for a Global Talent Acquisition Strategy

August 3, 2016 Jamie Gilpin

When recruiting expats, your sourcing strategy shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all.

Instead, it should vary based on a number of variables, like whether you’re recruiting a visa holder or green card holder, as well as which industry he or she works in.

To identify the best global talent acquisition strategy for sourcing high-skilled foreign national employees, Envoy commissioned a study from Harris Poll, which interviewed more than 700 expats. Here’s what they revealed in Global Talent Perspectives 2016.


STEM and non-STEM workers conduct job searches very differently.

While STEM workers rely almost equally on professional networking sites (22%) and referrals (24%), non-STEM workers depend most on referrals (36%), followed by company career webpages (12%).

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Visa holders identify innovation as their motivation for working in the United States, yet green card holders point primarily to family.

The main reasons non-U.S. citizens seek employment in the first place within the United States is to: reunite with family (18%); be exposed to opportunities for innovation (16%) and give opportunities to their children (15%). Green card holders are especially likely to say family reunion (23%) or child opportunities (20%), while visa holders are over twice as likely to say innovation (22%).

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The takeaway? For non-STEM roles, investing in referral programs should be the priority, while leveraging professional networking sites like LinkedIn (in addition to developing referrals) should be your top strategy for recruiting STEM candidates. Once you’ve engaged them, remember that their motivation for working at your company may be different depending on their visa status.

Read the full report here.

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