Inside Our Global Workforce Management Solution: Exploring the Communication Center

September 21, 2016 Patty Johnson-Vazquez

Transparency was missing from the typical immigration process, so we created the Communication Center. It allows Envoy-affiliated attorneys to quickly respond to HR inquiries while saving their answers for easy retrieval later. Additionally, it grants employees direct access to attorneys to ensure all questions are answered in a timely matter. And to top it all off, while HR doesn’t need to manage inquiries themselves, they can view each correspondence when necessary.

In our latest platform upgrade, we revamped the Communication Center to ensure it was meeting all of our customers’ needs. The result was the creation of some of the best features of our immigration management platform. Let’s hear about the new features from two people who had a hand in creating them.

Osman Syed Meer VISANOW Software Developer
Osman Syed Meer

“The Communication Center looks beautiful and is very intuitive to use. It makes it very easy for our customers to find messages by providing many ways to filter them. This saves time, especially for companies with a lot of cases. Also, new messages that users have not seen yet are marked clearly, which allows our customers to stay on top of cases.” — Osman Syed Meer, Envoy software developer

Munish Sharma VISANOW Front-end Devleoper
Munish Sharma

“The Communication Center is my favorite section. The most amazing thing about this is that customers can now see all messages in one place including their employees’ messages. There is a simple search as well as advanced search feature, which can filter by poster name, case type and date range. It will help customers retrieve the specific messages quickly. Its new left navigation bar will display a list of employees who’ve received new messages in their Communication Center displaying the number of unread messages and a time stamp of the last received message. It has an autocomplete search bar, which provides a list of employees of a particular division and by selecting one employee from that list, customers can easily retrieve selected employees’ messages. Another new feature that will add value for customers is now they can post private messages, which will be visible only to division users.” — Munish Sharma, Envoy front-end developer

Test drive the Communication Center.

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