Inside Our Global Workforce Management Solution: Discovering the Document Library

October 27, 2016 Patty Johnson-Vazquez

One of the most tedious parts of the visa application process is dealing with all the paper files. First you have to source all the various company documents like annual reports, marketing materials and job descriptions. Then you have to ensure your candidate provides the attorneys with his or her education credentials, resume, immigration history and more. And finally all these documents have to be stored securely so you can repeat the process when the visa needs to be renewed or you need to sponsor another worker.

Not with Envoy.

With the Document Library, we’ve eliminated the need for paper files. Once you upload a document into our system, it’s safely stored with the highest security protocols, allowing you to access it later in just a few clicks.

To keep you organized, documents are arranged in folders segmented by company division or employee account user. You can download the documents if you ever need them. And when it’s time to use them for a new case, you don’t have to leave the Questionnaire. A list of your stored documents will automatically populate, allowing you to search for the right one. It’s a simple as that.

Check out Envoy’s other game-changing immigration management platform features. If you want to see this tool in action, schedule a demo.

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